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Zebra Skimmers began in a garage making high-quality low-cost machines for metalworking fluids filtration. Customers encouraged us to grow beyond the conventional marketplace. With their help we created the gravity-separating disk skimmer and the Sidewinder tube skimmer.

Today we have customers worldwide. They came to us because we are innovative and cost effective. They return because of our performance, service, and guarantees.

We also have the strongest distribution support system in our industry. Our distributors enjoy the full support of the factory, knowing that our customers always buy from them so that they have all the advantages of local support and service. Our national network of manufacturers reps assures distributors that they always have technical factory expertise visiting them regularly. And our reps know that we have an intensive education program in place that conveys the competence and confidence of the factory to themselves, and to the distributors. Finally, all of this is coordinated from the factory by our Director of Sales, Rich Earle.

Thank you for considering Zebra Skimmers products. We guarantee your satisfaction -- it's baked into our quality policy.


Our customers include

  • Automotive, medical, and aerospace metalworkers utilizing CNC machine tools and parts washers (through distribution)
  • Lights out metalworkers ustilizing CNC machine tools
  • Environmental contractors to monitor ground water wells
  • Food producers
  • Residential properties

We appreciate all of them and look forward to serving you!

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

AOPA is a not-for-profit individual membership association, effectively serves the interests and needs of its members as aircraft owners and pilots, and establishes, maintains, and articulates positions of leadership to promote the economy, safety, and popularity of flight in aircraft.

Better Business Bureau

BBB Accredited Business

Zebra Skimmers, Corp. is proud to be a business accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our accreditation is evidence of our commitment to ethical business practices and our desire to maintain a healthy, educated marketplace.



MANA is also the trade association for manufacturers and service providers who know how to partner with their professional manufacturers’ representatives and for those who want to learn how to maximize their representative relationships.

Industrial Supply Association

Industrial Supply Association

The ISA Web site is the portal for anything pertaining to the Industrial Supply Association. Whether you are looking for information about how to increase sales, reduce expenses or improve profitability, this is the Web site for you.

International Organization for Standardization

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

ISO is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Standards. ISO is a network of the national standards institutes of 157 countries, one member per country, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, that coordinates the system.

Zebra Skimmers ISO Certification (PDF)

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is the world's leading professional society advancing manufacturing knowledge and influencing more than half a million manufacturing practitioners annually.

Weatherhead 100

Zebra - A Weatherhead 100 Company

Zebra Skimmers is proud to be a Weatherhead 100 Company for the past five years (2002-2007). Since its inception in 1987, the Weatherhead 100 has been the event that showcases the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio.

2011 ISA Product Show & Conference

2011 ISA Product Show & Conference

Zebra Skimmers attended the 2011 ISA Product Show & Conference. The conference will take place in Rosemont, IL on May 14 - 17, 2011.

Look for us at booth 532.

IMTS 2008

International Manufacturing Technology Show

Zebra Skimmers attended the IMTS 2008 and 2010 Show held at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

See some photos

Japan International Machine Tool Fair

The 24th Japan International Machine Tool Fair

For the contribution to the development of industry and trade promotion through increased inter-national transactions and technical exchanges of machine tools and their related equipment.

Meet More Muscle
IMTS 2012 Photos  

IMTS 2012 is now! View from the main lobby.

Aisle 5600. Zebra is all the way at the end, but worth the walk!

We're featuring our Fill-Station™ -newly designed with a decentralized brain, and to rave reviews! All components work together as a Zebra system, or can be obtained as individual components to upgrade other systems already in place.

Lunch on Lakeside Terrace

Everyone enjoys these lakeside views

Kyzen's water effect

Break time between halls

The beauty of 5 axis machining

Tool changer or walk-in closet?

Just cool stuff, #1

Just cool stuff, #2

Just cool stuff, #3

Just cool stuff, #4

When it all began

Grand Concourse

Back at Zebra

The Zebra Muscle™ Flexor™ Coalescer, our patent-pending design which concentrates tramp oil, minimizing bacterial growth, provides better oil draining, and allows for chemical monitoring right from the clean coolant surface. Our new, sleeker coalescer tank design and Recept™ intake attachment is also featured.

The motto for IMTS 2012. It's Zebra's motto every day, and our customers appreciate us for it. Thanks to all of you for your support!


IMTS 2010 Photos  

Welcome to IMTS 2010!

Walking down the Grand Concourse, where inspiration and creativity...

...meet integrity and technology...

...to put on the biggest manufacturing show of its kind – IMTS!

The Zebra booth, where our President, Steven Davidian, speaks to one of our first visitors.

Among Zebra's import agents are: Motohiro Tanaka of Precision Tool Makers Export Group, Japan; Paul Fowler of Dimac Tooling Pty. Ltd., Australia; and Yong Lee of Greentec Co. Ltd., S Korea. These gentlemen have served us well in their respective regions and we wish to thank them once again!

Aisle view from our booth in East Hall, aka Lakeside Center.

Walking into the North Hall to see the latest and greatest in machine tools.

Haas seems to be pretty popular today!

A Haas sump emanating the freshness of clean coolant!

This sump fits a Smart Disk Skimmer, the most economical of our fleet of mechanical skimmers.

The DMG Universal Machining Center. What a beauty!

Display showing the replacement body parts our industry manufactures. Innovation at its best, but they make the airport a bear!

A machine tool where you can see its brain. Great idea!

Visiting Jurassic Park. Oops-that's just Fanuc's great big loading robot which is the size of a small dinosaur, standing over a story high.

The inside of a turbo prop engine.

Who says men do not go window shopping?

The M&M racing car in the Doosan booth.

The Mazak booth wins our Best Booth Design Award. Without the Mazak Quickturn, the Zebra Sidewinder Tube Skimmer may not exist!

Lunchtime on Lakeside Center terrace with a grand view of sparkling Lake Michigan.

In West Hall, a full scale mock up of the new F-35 Lightning II by Lockheed Martin. Very cool.

Probably not a good idea to be on the receiving end of this thing.

And, inside the cockpit. Thanks to everyone involved in its design and manufacture!

Other massive stuff our industry can be proud of.

White Sox fans cheer early on in the Tuesday night game (the Twins sweep them that week).

Last but nowhere least – our favorite visitors! Matt and Zander from the Boy Scouts of America, Elmhurst, IL branch, show off their pH Test Strips. These two young men are an inspiration, asking great questions and not afraid to get their hands dirty. Zander says he wants to be an engineer someday, and we have a hunch Matt will go on to be a chemist. Kudos to their parents for bringing them to the show!

Uncle Earl's® Hand-Healing Soap™ featured by Zebra® Skimmers Corp. at IMTS 2010. Developed for our brothers and sisters in the machining industry to remove grease and grime without synthetic chemicals or abrasives which damage your skin and promote further irritation by metalworking fluids. Uncle Earl's is all natural and has built in moisturizers that heal and protect. Contact your preferred Zebra distributor today and try it for yourself.


IMTS 2008 Photos  
Chicago, IL, USA
Almost to Chicago
International Manufacturing & Technology Show
IMTS 2008 Balloon in West Hall
Heidi Sterle of Zebra Skimmers
Heidi Sterle, Customer Service Representative, poses in the Zebra® booth, IMTS 2008
Zebra Sidewinder Tramp Oil Skimmer Close-up of Zebra Sidewinder™ Tube Skimmer at work
Zebra Diverter, oil/water separator
Close-up of the Zebra Diverter™ at work
Dayton Supply & Tool, OH, USA
Dan Agricola of Dayton Supply & Tool, a proud Zebra distributor
Learn coolant maintenance
Coolant issues caused by poor preventative maintenance
Learn coolant maintenance
More coolant issues caused by poor preventative maintenance
Students Oswego IL
Students from Oswego, IL, stop by to learn more about coolant maintenance

Meg Grant, Sales & Service Manager, takes a smoke break on the dock (thinking East Hall has better views)
Navy Pier, Chicago, IL, USA
A relaxing view of Lake Michigan from Navy Pier
Manufacturere Reps for Zebra Skimmers
Zebra's Reps: Mark Horne (MI), Mike Klenotic (OH, PA), John Affatati (MI, ON), and Bill Kerr (MI)
Steve Davidian of Zebra Skimmers
Heidi passes the baton to Steve Davidian, Zebra's President
Mike Grivna of Zebra Skimmers
Our booth neighbor, Brent from City Tools (Taiwan) and Zebra's new Business Development Manager, Mike Grivna

Zebra Stories

One of the nicest aspects of our industry is the integrity and honesty of the players within. The overwhelming majority of large deals are made with only a handshake. Your word is your bond, and it's something more valuable than any court order. You pay your debts, and your fun is honest, and mostly clean.

We deal with thousands of people across this great nation, and occasionally hear a story that couldn't be made up – they are too true. And the overwhelming majority end up disappearing unless someone writes it down. Well, we are going to start writing some of them down. And here they are.


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