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Your shop's dullest tool: sump coolant

Dazzle 2 sharpens it, and keeps it sharp!

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Zebra Skimmers is revolutionizing the way metalworking shops manage the machining coolant in their sumps.

Zebra believes chemical concentrate is a critical tool in the metalworking shop's tool crib, an idea echoed in Brinksmeier et al's 'Metalworking fluids - Mechanisms and performance' article:

"The findings summarized in this paper indicate that MWFs (metalworking fluids) may be as important for the result of manufacturing processes as parameters like feed, cutting/forming speeds, depth of cut, etc."

Zebra Skimmers is proud to present Dazzle 2; a fully automated sump management solution delivering precise sump concentration while maintaining sump level. Set concentration, set sump high and low levels: done. Dazzle does all the work for you. Imagine your sumps locked on the perfect concentration and level throughout the day, every day, and needing no manual intervention!

Bucket brigades: a thing of the past.

Spills: a thing of the past.

Wasted labor: a thing of the past.

Zebra delivers on the promise of fully automated sump management.

Dazzle 2
Automated Sump Management
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Click for Dazzle Systems Fact Sheet

Dazzle 2 brings your specifications into focus.
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