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Venturi Mixers for Mixing of Metalworking Fluids (Coolant, Cutting Fluids)

metalworking fluid mixersProper fluid mixing provides superior emulsions resulting in consistent concentration values.

Maintaining consistent concentration values extends sump and tool life while improving machined surfaces. It also provides a savings for raw material useage.

Learn about mixing metalworking fluids on our coolant mixology page.

Machinist Mixer with Lifetime Warranty

  • Separate water shut-off valve
  • Machined from solid bronze casting with galvanized steel stand pipe
  • FAQMaximum viscosity of 500 SUS
  • 40 inch discharge tube included (max length for delivery)
  • Fits drums, pails, or totes
  • Prevent tampering with the Mixer Lockout (#MIXXLOCK)


  • Machined needle valve
  • Locknut below dial holds mixing reference
  • Standpipe check valve keeps mixing chamber loaded
Machinist Mixer
Part Number GPM Low High Max Mix Ratio Range psi In3 Out
MIX0327 3 0 7 15:1 25-75 3/8" 1/2"
MIX03725 3 0 25 4:1 25-75 3/8" 1/2"
10 0 7 15:1 25-75 1/2" 3/4"
MIX10725 10 0 25 4:1 25-75 1/2" 3/4"

Machinist Mixer Accessories
MIXXLOCK Lockout for Machinist Mixer to prevent tampering
MIXSF3 Swivel Fitting for inlet garden hose for 3gpm machinist mixer
MIXSF10 Swivel Fitting for inlet garden hose for 10gpm machinist mixer

How They Work

Venturi pumps are commonly used for coolant mixers. The moving water across the orifice creates a vacuum, drawing coolant into the water stream. The combination of the two laminar flows creates a turbulent zone thoroughly mixing the two fluids.

venturi mixers how they work

Since there are no moving parts, the pump has a high degree of reliability. The needle valve allows for great precision in setting the proportion of coolant mixed with water.

Machinist Mixer Troubleshooting Tips


Low Concentrations or None at All

  1. Check the discharge hose. If you are NOT using the hose we provided, make sure you are using NO MORE than 40” of discharge hose, with a minimum UNINTERRUPTED ID of 1/2” for 3 gpm models, and 3/4” for 10 gpm models. Make sure that the hose has no kinks or other obstructions. If delivering mix through a garden hose, for instance, a proportioning pump is required.

    If you want the type of setup illustrated below (note discharge tube on right is longer than 40 inches), you will need to order a proportioning pump. The 7gpm MIXPP518 proportioning pump is our most popular model, it mixes water and coolant to concentrations between 1.4% and 12.3%.

  2. Examine the check valve at the bottom of the standpipe. Debris can keep it open, allowing concentrate to drain back into the drum. The check ball should be below the valve’s set screw.
  3. Check the water pressure. Our equipment requires a minimum pressure of 25 psi. TEST: Using the mixer with needle valve closed, fill a pail of known volume and time it. If you can fill a 1 gallon pail in 20 seconds there is enough pressure for our 3 gpm unit. If you can fill a 1 gallon pail in 6 seconds there is enough pressure for our 10 gpm unit.
  4. The needle-valve (dial) is numbered as a guide only. It does not indicate proportions. Turning the dial clockwise reduces coolant concentrate ratio.
  5. Check the coolant concentrate level in the drum. You may be running out.
  6. Check the viscosity of the coolant concentrate. Our equipment is designed for up to 500 SUS at 100° F. (SUS=saybolt universal seconds). 500 SUS is about the same as SAE30 motor oil.

Water Draining into Concentrate Container

  1. Shut water ball valve off (check valve on end of standpipe is not rated to hold fluid under pressure).
  2. Check water ball valve for cracks or damage.
  3. If using a solenoid valve, install it on inlet before water supply (check valve on end of standpipe is not rated to hold fluid under pressure).

Concentrate Siphoning from Container

  1. Remove discharge hose from output holding container or sump.
  2. Verify concentrate container’s breather hole is open.
  3. Verify that the check valve is free of debris.


  • Lifetime warranty on all parts.
  • Any use of this product outside the suggested parameters will void all warranties.

Call 888-249-4855 to find a qualified Zebra distributor in your area.

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