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pH Strips Monitor Coolant Chemical Condition

FAQWhy rely on your coolant guy to keep your metalworking fluid in its top chemical condition when it is so easy to do yourself, and prevent coolant problems? Each coolant has its own chemical range, but all are between 8-10 pH. By monitoring each sump at least weekly, you can address other maintenance issues.

  • Easy to use: Dip into fluid and compare your color reading to pH value color chart
  • Results in less than a minute
  • Range of 6.5-10.0 (for coolant)
  • Accuracy ± 0.2 pH (for coolant)
  • 100 sticks per package

Problems Related to pH

Coolants are designed to be alkaline, to neutralize the acidic emissions of bacteria which enter the fluid pool via the water supply, work material, our skin, and a host of other sources.

Reduction of bacterial growth can be achieved by removing tramp oil, aerating the fluid, and filtering particles. When these protocols are not in place, coolant failures can occur.

Q. Why is it important to check the pH of my coolant (and what is pH anyway)?
A. In basic terms, pH is an indication of the acidity or alkalinity of a fluid. Water has a pH of 7, which is neutral. An acidic fluid will range from 0-7 pH, and an alkaline fluid will have a range of 7-14 pH. pH levels in your coolant drop due to bacterial emissions. Since coolants have an operating range of 8-10 pH, even a .2 drop in pH level can cause a host of problems, ranging from rusty machines and parts to sump odor and skin irritations. With consistent pH monitoring and bacterial control methods, these problems can be prevented.

Foul Odor Your sumps will emit foul odors, caused by sulfuric and hydrochloric acid emissions.
Skin Sensitivity Bacterial growth encourages skin sensitivity as acids build up in the fluid pool.
Split Emulsion When pH level is too low, concentrate breaks from oil/water emulsion and floats on the fluid surface. It gets skimmed off like oil and can easily plug particle filters.
Premature Tool Wear The rest is mostly water, providing insufficient lubrication and causes broken or prematurely worn tooling.
Rust Rust preventative may be required since the natural lubricant of coolant is no longer part of the fluid pool. Machine interiors may also become affected.
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