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Born in a humble garage, Zebra Skimmers set out with a vision to craft high-quality, cost-efficient solutions for metalworking fluids filtration. Today, our footprint spans across the globe, helping customers overcome challenges and streamline processes with our innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Why do they choose us, you ask? And more importantly, why do they return? It’s simple. We excel in offering stellar performance, unmatched service, and guarantees that instill confidence. Our users consistently rank us highly across multiple domains – service, products, pricing, and quality!

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Belt Skimmer is Awesome

This shop specializes in high production machining of steel castings. Many of the jobs that run on their equipment requires the use of tapping fluid. The belt skimmer is very effective at pulling off all the tramp oil and excess tapping fluid that rises to the coolant's surface when the sump has a chance to settle. When asked how the skimmer is performing, Andy replied, "F*#%ing Awesome! Works great!"

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