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There are many industrial skimmer manufacturers on the market and several types.  Zebra Skimmers manufactures Belt, Disk, and Tube skimmers along with industrial coalescers. The primary function of these products is to remove oil from machine coolant.

When choosing a Tramp Oil Skimmer take into consideration picking what is the best solution for your specific application to maximize oil removal. At the same time, operation costs and initial capital spend are also factors to take into consideration.

The final solution will take into effect what was discussed above.

Three Key Areas you Need to Address

Oil Load

How much oil will be skimmed?

How frequently do you need the unit to run?

Operation Conditions

Are you skimming Hazardous material?

Do you require portability?

Other Conditions

Size and location?

Quality and cost?

Tube Oil Skimmer
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Side or Limited Access – Tube Skimmer

  • Rated at 1 quart an hour
  • Tube lengths from 8″ to 72″
  • Ideal for sumps of low height or depth
  • Compact and versatile design
  • Efficient and low maintenance
  • Smallest footprint of all skimmers we sell
  • Very portable from machine to machine
Tramp Oil Belt Skimmer
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Vertical Access – Belt skimmer

  • 1″ belt – 1 gal per hour
  • 2″ belt – 2 gal per hour
  • Standard lengths from 8″-96″
  • Available in Steel Belt Options for caustic or high-temperature environments
  • Ideal for deep sumps and high oil load
  • Handles fluctuating coolant levels
  • Compact size requiring minimum operating space
Smart Disk Skimmer
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Flexibility – Disk skimmers

  • Works best with fluid levels close to top of tank
  • The size of disks increases exponentially
  • Available with integrated accessories including secondary seperator
  • Smart Disk Skimmer Model skims oil and return clean coolant via the attached diverter.
  • Handles heavy oil loads
  • Lower end of the pricing scale
  • Not recommended for tanks with fluctuation in fluid levels
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Large Sumps – Coalescer

  • Operating day and night. 
  • An external separator that works independently from coolant pumps
  • Ideal for very large sumps (upwards of 1000+ gallons)
  • The highest oil removal rate
  • Included chip screen
  • Continuously cleans, filters, and aerates
Product Type Belt Skimmer Tube Skimmer Smart Disk Skimmer Coalescer
Reach 8" to 132" 8" to 101" 7 1/2" NA
Max Oil Removal Rate 1 gph 1 qt/hr 2 qt/hr 3 gallons/minute
Max Speed 28 Rpm 28 Rpm 7 Rpm NA
Oil Removal Mechanism Poly / SS Belt Industrial tubing Acrylic Disk NA
Max Operating Temp 140ºF / 212ºF 90ºF 160ºF 40ºF to 90ºF
Application Tramp Oil removal Tramp Oil removal Tramp Oil removal Heavy tramp oil loads that require extra filtration
Belt Widths 1" or 2" NA NA
Power Options 115V / 220V or 12/24 VDC 100-120V, 240V 115V, 220V 110V
Special Feature VDC Models available and SS Belts for caustic environments Max of 101" on tube length Diverter accessory skims oil and returns clean coolant 4 attachments available to handle moderate or low chip load

Zebra Skimmers has been manufacturing oil skimmers and fine coolant management equipment for over 20 years. Do you have an application that does not have an obvious solution? Consult with us! We can custom engineer a product solution for you.

Yes, I’m interested in learning more about Zebra Skimmers Products and would like to schedule a discovery call.

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