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coolant maintenance and automation blog

Welcome to Zebra Skimmers’ Coolant Maintenance and Automation Blog – your central hub for all things pertaining to industrial coolant management! Our team at Zebra Skimmers is thrilled to share with you our deep knowledge and expertise in coolant maintenance and the innovative world of automation. Here, we’ll dive into various topics, from best practices for maintaining coolant health, understanding the impact of coolant maintenance on machine longevity and productivity, to the latest advances in automation technology that are revolutionizing the industrial landscape.Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner in the field, this blog will equip you with valuable insights and practical advice to optimize your operations, reduce costs, and boost efficiency.

Solving for Automation Talent in Manufacturing

Solving for Automation Talent: How Dazzle™ CNC Coolant Automation Empowers Your Skilled Labor   Embrace the Future with Dazzle: Where Skilled Labor Meets Precision Automation In CNC operations, a delicate balance exists between technology and the skilled labor operating it. A Dazzle™ CNC Coolant Automation system serves as a bridge, enhancing the capabilities of your skilled workforce while ensuring consistent, efficient, and optimal machine operations.   The New Age Labor Synergy Dazzle™ isn't just an automation system; it's a tool that amplifies the automation talent and expertise of your technicians and operators. By taking on the intricate task of coolant management, Dazzle allows your team to channel their talents into more value-added activities, ultimately driving greater productivity and innovation.

The Future of Manufacturing: What to Expect in Q4 and Beyond

The Future of Manufacturing The manufacturing industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer demands, and global economic trends. This transformation is expected to continue in Q4 2023 and beyond, presenting both challenges and opportunities for manufacturers. Here, we will explore the key trends that are shaping the future of manufacturing and discuss what manufacturers can expect. We will also provide some advice on how manufacturers can overcome the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of this changing landscape. Here are some of the key trends that we will be discussing: The rise of digital manufacturing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) The growing demand for sustainable and

15 Expert Tips for Maximizing Your Oil Skimmer’s Potential

15 expert tips to ensure you get the most out of your oil skimmer At the heart of metalworking manufacturing facilities is CNC production. In this competitive landscape, every decision - from the strategic choice of machinery to the intricate details of maintenance has a rippling effect on operational efficiency and your bottom line. A vital component of these facilities is CNC machines. Maintaining these machines and their coolant systems is critical to production efficiency. One component, often undervalued but yet pivotal, is the oil skimmer. Here at Zebra Skimmers, we have years of experience in the industry. We have witnessed the remarkable difference a well-maintained oil skimmer can make in CNC production. Oil skimmers play a crucial role in

Unlocking Efficiency: The Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer for Shallow CNC Machine Sumps

Tackling oil contamination in shallow CNC machine sumps has never been easier, thanks to the revolutionary Sidewinder™ Tube Oil Skimmer. Say goodbye to the struggles of accessing tight spaces at your CNC sumps. Unlike conventional skimmer solutions such as belts or disk skimmers, the Sidewinder is a compact yet powerful skimmer explicitly designed for environments where size matters. Engineered for agility, it maneuvers around corners and navigates through narrow openings. Embodying the essence of "American-Made, American-Quality," the Sidewinder is proudly manufactured at our facility in Solon, OH.   Key features of the ZVA Sidewinder™ Tube Skimmer The Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer is a cutting-edge tramp oil removal product employing an oleophilic (oil-attracting) continuous looped tube. Its remarkable ability to

Unlock Untapped Potential While Maximizing Your Labor: The Case for Automation

Discover the untapped potential within your CNC operations by delving into the transformative power of automated coolant delivery systems. The concept of Return on Investment (ROI) is often associated with increased productivity and reduced downtime. It's essential to recognize the concealed opportunity costs linked to diverting your workforce from more valuable tasks for routine coolant maintenance. Let's explore this uncharted territory and shed light on the potential gains.   Counting the Cost of Interrupted Minutes Consider the scenario: a bustling machine shop encompassing 19 weekly shifts, including weekdays and weekends. Imagine each shift loses a mere 8 minutes for every sump due to manual coolant management tasks. When extrapolated to a shop housing 100 sumps, the cumulative lost time

The Future of CNC Coolant Maintenance: Unleashing Efficiency with Zebra Skimmers’ Dazzle 2 System

Unleashing Efficiency Coolant management has been a critical yet often overlooked facet of CNC operations for decades. In the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, companies that adopt coolant solutions can find themselves at a competitive advantage. At Zebra Skimmers, we understand this challenge well. With over 28 years in the industry, we've made it our mission to provide cutting-edge coolant maintenance solutions and unleashing efficiency in your shop. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our Dazzle™ 2 Coolant Full Automation System.   What Sets Dazzle™ 2 Apart? Drawing upon our extensive experience and intimate understanding of CNC sumps, our team has designed and engineered the Dazzle™ 2 system in-house. This patented, industry 4.0 automated system offers unprecedented control over sump concentration

Insights from the Field: Unraveling the Mysteries of Proportioning Pump Mix Ratios

Understanding proportioning pump mix ratios is crucial. This is especially true when it involves the delicate balance of coolant and water. It's not just numbers. It's a carefully calibrated dance that ensures the efficiency and performance of your mixture. For instance, one of our flagship products, the MIXPP518 Proportioning Pump, demonstrates a flexible range of mix ratios. The variability caters to various needs, from a gentle 1-part coolant to 70 parts water (a ratio of 1:70 or 1.4%) to a more robust 1-part coolant to 7 parts water (expressed as 1:7 or 12.3%). But beware. These percentages are not to be confused with BRIX concentration readings! Here's where it gets fascinating.   A Real-World Example: I recently had a

Cutting Costs in Manufacturing: Coolant Concentration Management Made Easy with Zebra Skimmers

Coolant Concentration Management Made Easy Cost control is pivotal in maintaining a competitive edge in the challenging manufacturing arena. This reality pushes executives to seek innovative solutions and implement strategic measures that enhance operational efficiency while reducing expenses. Zebra Skimmers, backed by years of manufacturing industry experience, champions this drive by providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to your cost-control motives. One of these endeavors involves an essential aspect of CNC operations: coolant concentration management. Achieving the correct coolant concentrations in CNC machines is not just a routine check, it's an efficient, cost-cutting strategy that plays an influential role in your bottom line.   How do you mix coolant concentrate with water? Check the manufacturer's guidelines for the recommended coolant

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