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The Dazzle™ 1 automated CNC sump system eliminates manual coolant mixing and filling by automating the process. It is one of the more efficient and cost effective ways to reduce your machine coolant costs. With the rising cost of cnc coolant why not automate the delivery process and in the process reduce your spend.

No need for bucket brigades or a dedicated person refilling your sump tanks. The Dazzle™ 1  delivers a water-concentrate mix to maintain a sump’s level within your preset range. The system also automatically pulls coolant from your reservoir when needed. Dazzle™ 1 is a cost-effective solution for machine shops running 1 to many sumps with the same concentration levels across sumps. Use our calculator to see what the savings could be on a yearly basis for your facility.


The Dazzle™ 1 is an entry level 2nd generation automated sump level management system for production environments. The system comprises a Dazzle™ Pump Panel, probes for both coolant concentrate containers and sumps. There is one main 3/4″ trunk line that branches off with 1/2″ lines to each sump with PEX tubing. It can be easily expanded to as many machines in your plant as a single pump can handle. The Dazzle™ 1 is an affordable, automated coolant mixing and delivery system for CNC coolant and industrial fluids.

Watch this short explainer video on the many benefits of a having a Dazzle™ 1 in your production environment.

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See Immediate Savings.

The Dazzle™ 1 can reduce your Coolant Usage by 30% or more. Are you impressed? Our customers are! Ask us how we can help save you money with this Coolant Mixing Automation System.

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Dazzle 1 System Components The Daz Pump Panel Coolant Concentrate Low Level Level Sensor Drop Line Level Sensor Water Coolant Trunk Line Sump Controller CNC Sump Tank
  1. The Dazzle Pump Panel
  2. The Dazzle Coolant Dipstick
  3. The Dazzle Sump Controller

How the system works:

The Dazzle Sump Controller (3) tracks the coolant level in the sump and alerts the Dazzle Dipstick (2) when the coolant falls below a set threshold, indicating it’s time to mix the coolant. The coolant is drawn from the tote/drum and fed to the proportioning pump for mixing with water (1). The pump mixes the water and coolant to a defined ratio and automatically sends that back to the sump tank via the trunk line to adjust the coolant level in the tank. The Sump Controller continuously monitors and automatically refills the sump level in your tank with no manual operator input.


Dazzle Pump Panel

The Dazzle™ Pump Panel

  • 7 or 25 gpm Proportioning pump to dial-in optimal coolant/water concentration
  • Mixing/turbulence chamber
  • 2 backflow check valves
  • Mounting cabinet with
    observation window
  • *NOTE:  Use schedule 80 CPVC when using CIMTECH 320Z or other fully synthetic coolants. This coolant degrades schedule 40 CPVC.
Dazzle dipstick

The Dazzle™  Coolant Dipstick

  • Microprocessor controller with LED indicator lights and audible alarm
  • Low profile level sensor
  • 12 vDC solenoid valve
  • Electrical and control cable
Dazzle Sump Controller

The Dazzle™ Sump

  • Microprocessor controller with LED indicator lights and audible alarm
  • Low profile level sensor
  • 12 vDC solenoid valve
  • Bung fitting for drum or tote
  • Coolant suction line
  • Electrical and control cables

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Example of how the Dazzle™ 1 Coolant Mixing Automation System to manage sump coolant concentration can save you money.

Sump Volume Make-up Coolant Concentrate Dazzle™ 1
Start Shift/End Shift Old Way - 5% Dazzle 1 Way - 2% Savings
1000 L @ 5%/500 L @ 8% 25 liters / $475 10 liters/ $237 $60 saved per sump per shift ($21,900 saved per sump per year in a 24 x 7 operation)
Assumptions - target sump concentration of 5% and $4/liter for raw coolant concentrate

Dazzle™ 1 System Benefits

  • Precision coolant make-up mixing and concentration management
  • Recommended for shops with anywhere from 1 machine to as many as 50
  • Cost saving sump level and concentration maintenance
  • Costs slashed by eliminating spills, bucket brigades and operator downtime
  • Proven ‘in the field’ to reduce coolant usage over 30% or more
  • Assures confidence in lights-out manufacturing operations
  • Dazzle is modular, affordable and easy to install

For lights out manufacturing consider the Dazzle™ 2. It’s our proven, IIoT Industry 4.0 automated sump concentration and level management system that maintains both sump levels and coolant concentrations within preset limits. Dazzle™ 2 is flexible and configurable to manage the changing needs in a manufacturing environment.

Download the product brochure that compares the Dazzle™ 1 vs. Dazzle™ 2 or visit the Dazzle™ 2 product page to learn more.

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