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Dazzle 2 is our proven, industry 4.0 automated coolant
concentration management system that maintains both sump levels and coolant concentrations within preset limits.

Zebra Skimmers believes chemical concentrate is a critical tool in the metalworking shop’s tool crib, an idea echoed in Brinksmeier et al’s ‘Metalworking fluids – Mechanisms and performance’ article:

“The findings summarized in this paper indicate that MWFs (metalworking fluids) may be as important for the result of manufacturing processes as parameters like feed, cutting/forming speeds, depth of cut, etc.”

Zebra Skimmers Dazzle™ 2 Industry 4.0 sump fluid and concentration management system is a fully automated sump management solution delivering precise sump concentration while maintaining sump level.

Dazzle™ 2 utilizes a precision mixing algorithm that automatically mixes neat coolant and water to the precise target make-up concentration for each machine sump.

Set concentration, set sump high and low levels: done. Dazzle™ 2 does all the work for you.

Imagine your sumps locked on the perfect concentration and level throughout the day, every day, and needing no manual intervention!

Low on coolant? The Dazzle™ 2 sends an order alert email to you and your vendor so coolant never runs dry.

Industry 4.0 ready; monitor and manage your sumps from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  • Bucket brigades: a thing of the past.
  • Costly Coolant Spills: a thing of the past.
  • Operator overload: a thing of the past.
  • Fumbling with refractometers: forget about it (if you want)
  • Coolant costs are skyrocketing: cut coolant usage by up to 50% (A customers actual savings!)
  • My tools keep breaking!: locking in sump concentration targets prolongs tool life.
  • Coolant waste disposal is killing me!: maintaining target concentrations prolongs coolant service life.

Watch an unsolicited testimonial about the Dazzle™ 2 sump fluid automation system.

Zebra CEO Steve Davidian discusses the Dazzle2 system.

Zebra delivers on the promise of fully automated sump management and Industry 4.0 cloud monitoring

  • Cloud based dashboard
  • Email alerts
  • ROI within 1 year (up to 50% savings on coolant alone)
  • Excellent service and support
  • Patented technology

Dazzle™ 2
Industry 4.0 Automated Sump Management | Call 440-349-0141

Click for Dazzle Systems Fact Sheet

Dazzle™ 2 not the right fit for your shop? Have a look at our Dazzle™ 1 Fluid Automation System explainer video HERE

Archipelago features a live data web page showing level and concentration for all sumps under management

Steve Davidian with Archipelago installed at customer site in Syracuse, NY

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