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Venturi Mixer Not Working

Often, we are contacted with the following comments regarding a newly purchased Machinist Venturi Mixer.

  1. It’s not working or mixing
  2. It’s not drawing up
  3. Just water is coming out

The primary reason for these issues we find is that modifications were made to the mixer or install instructions were not followed. Any deviation from our recommendations for installation will affect the Venturi part of the mixer. The mixer must be hooked up in the manner we specify using the hose provided.

This is an example of an incorrect hook-up. A clamp and extra extender was added to the output and input intakes. This will dramatically alter the Venturi mixing capabilities resulting in the device not working.


The correct method to hook the mixer up is illustrated below. The discharge hose that is supplied must be used and hooked up as illustrated in the picture. The discharge hose is limited to 40″. Any modifications to the hose to exceed or shorten it will affect how the unit work.


Following the supplied instructions will guarantee your Venturi machinist mixer will work correctly. If still experiencing issues please contact technical support at 440-528-0699 for assistance.

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