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Metal Working Fluid Resources

Zebra Skimmers provides machine shop owners and operators free metalworking resources for maintenance their industrial fluids and coolants.


View dozens of questions frequently asked by our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how metalworking fluids and our products can serve your objectives.

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Free Resources

Free downloadable resources to keep your shop running smooth.

Free Resources

Free resources include a Coolant Quality Log, a Troubleshooting Guide, and a Refill Concentration Calculator.

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Glossary of metalworking fluid maintenance terms.


Dozens of terms related to the maintenance of metalworking fluids defined.

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View Zebra product literature in downloadable PDF format.


A complete collection of Zebra Skimmer product profiles, specification sheets, parts listings, and manuals.

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Coolant Mixology

A complete guide to the nuances of mixing metalworking coolant.

Coolant Mixology

Metalworking coolants are specifically designed to be used at a number of different concentrations.

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