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FZ18 Portable Industrial Coalescer/Separator

Beat the bacterial stink while saving on costly fluid disposal and replacement by quickly separating tramp oils from your water based industrial fluids. The FZ18 Portable Industrial Coalescer/Separator will remove tramp oil and the scum layer that breaks down water based fluids that allows bacteria to grow.

Tramp oils play a significant role in deteriorating coolants and causing odors. The removal of excess tramp oil greatly extends the useful life of machining coolants. This system within a very short time will allow a very concise concentration reading and provide you with flexibility to move from machine to machine.

Standard features

• Heavy duty powder coated steel tank

• All-Flo 1/2” air-diaphragm pump

• Banjo strainer on inlet to protect pump

• Floating dual-weir fluid pickup

• Approximate dimensions: 31″ W x 23″D x 62″H

• Approximate shipping weight: 300 pounds

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Eliminate the following issues:

Tramp-Oil Build Up

Removes unemulsified oils and small suspended fines.

High Disposal Cost

Through ultra fine filtration reduce your disposal costs.

Bacteria and Foul Odors

Eliminate with Optional Ozone Bacteria Treatment attachment

Short Fluid Life

Water based fluid is cleaned continuously, minimizing replacement costs.


When rope skimmers, wheel skimmers, or even other coalescers just aren’t cutting it, customers turn to the Z18 Portable Coalescer / Separator Systems to get the job done. These heavy duty industrial coalescing systems remove tramp oils at a higher rates than other equipment you’ll find on the market. That means more cost savings and less frustration for you.


Coalescer Media Ozone Bacteria Control Pre and Post Filtration Floating Pickup Options
Description The coalescer / separator uses corrugated PVC coalescing media. Excellent in high temp applications and efficient at speeding up the process of separation between oil droplets and water-based fluids The ozone bacteria system is a valuable add-on to help eliminate dermatitis caused by excessive bacteria Add a pre-filtration bag option on the suction side of the pump to remove large chips and particulates. Will minimize damage to the pump or coalescing media. Post-Filtration, add a depth filter to clean out fine particulate from the clean discharge stream. Standard pick is a dual-weir style pickup (Pictured above). Other options such as a 4-Leg and 8-leg spider pickups are available.
Made in the USA


At Zebra Skimmers, our mission has always been to provide the metalworking industry and fluid industries with the highest quality tramp oil skimmers and metalworking fluid management systems. The Dazzle™ Fluid Management Systems is a next generation coolant process automation systems that will help our customers save on their coolant. Dazzle™ is designed, engineered and built in our Solon, OH facility. We’re proud to say American-Made with American Quality.

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