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Zebra Muscle™ Coalescer Removing Tramp Oil

Elkmont, Alabama

Zebra Muscle Coalescer

I sold D&D Design a Muscle Coalescer over the phone one day. The skimmer didn’t work out for D&D because of the aluminum chips floating which caused the skimmer head to sink. We reordered him 3 Zebra Disk Skimmers and all is well.

I kept the used skimmer for demo purposes. That has worked out well. I gave it to Snap On tools in Elkmont, Alabama to test and it worked great for them. They are ordering 2 more to maintain the approximately 50 machines they have on site. Removing the tramp has allowed us to have no requirements for system dumps. Between the Castrol coolant and the excellent skimming abilities, the coolant just continues to work with little to no maintenance. I highly recommend distributors buying a skimmer for testing at customer sites. One test is worth a 1000 opinions.

Project Details


June 20, 2012


Snap-On Tools, Elkmont, AL


Tramp Oil Removal


Newman Industrial Supply, Alabama


Muscle Coalescer

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Zebra Muscle Coalescer
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