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The Dazzle™ 1 is an entry level Coolant Mixing Automation System comprising a Dazzle™ Pump Panel, probes for both coolant concentrate containers and sumps. It can be easily expanded to as many machines in your plant as a single pump can handle. The Dazzle™ 1 is an affordable, automated coolant mixing and delivery system for industrial fluids. Watch this short video on the many benefits of a having a Dazzle™ 1 in your production environment.

  • Precision coolant make-up mixing and concentration management
  • Recommended for shops with anywhere from 4 machines to as many as 50
  • Cost saving sump level and concentration maintenance
  • Costs slashed by eliminating spills, bucket brigades and operator downtime
  • Proven ‘in the field’ to reduce coolant usage by up to 50%
  • Assures confidence in lights-out manufacturing operations
  • Dazzle is modular, affordable and easy to install


The Dazzle™ 1 Modular Automated Sump Level Management System is an entry level unit for delivering and mixing of industrial coolant fluid. From managing a few sumps to full ‘lights out’ manufacturing  the Dazzle™ can save production environments monies. Automatic sump level monitoring and delivery ensures that machines will not run out of coolant compromising production runs, tool life, and quality. The Dazzle™ 1 Modular Automated Sump Level Management system contains 3 core components:

#1 The Dazzle™ Pump Panel
This enclosure contains the heart of the system featuring a water powered pump automatically dispensing the correct amount of water and specified coolant concentrate. A complete, affordable solution to precisely control coolant make-up concentration and delivery that can reduce coolant costs by up to 50%.

  • 7 gpm make-up coolant mixer system to dial-in precise make-up concentration
  • Coolant mixing turbulence chamber
  • 2 back flow check valves
  • Water filter
  • Pressure regulator
  • Lockable enclosure with observation window panel
  • Plumbing runs of 20 feet vertically and 800 feet laterally

#2 The Dazzle™ Dipstick
Continuous monitoring of coolant levels with low level alert via red flashing LED’s and 100dB audible alarm that reliably delivers raw coolant to the Dazzle pump panel. Designed to easily fit into a 55 gallon coolant drum or tote.

  • Microprocessor controller with LED indicator lights and 100dB audible alarm, 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Low profile level sensor
  • Solenoid valve, 3/4″ NPT
  • Bung fitting for drum or tote
  • Coolant suction line to feed the coolant mixer pump panel
  • Electrical and control cables
  • Available in sizes that fit 300 and 330 gallon totes.

#3 The Dazzle™ Sump Level Sensor
A programmable controller that maintains sump levels at optimal field defined set-points to within centimeters preventing overflows and putting an end to bucket brigades.

  • Programmable microprocessor controller with LED indicator lights and 100 dB audible alarm, 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Low profile level sensor
  • Solenoid valve, 1/2″ NPT (by-pass valves available for quick sump fills)
  • Electrical and control cables
  • Available in sizes to fit all sumps
  • DazzLe System Saves You Money!

Save money using a Dazzle™ 1 Coolant Mixing Automation System to manage sump coolant concentration.

Sump VolumeMake-up Coolant ConcentrateDazzLe
Start Shift/End ShiftOld Way – 5%DazzLe Way – 2%Savings
1000 L @ 5%/500 L @ 8%25 liters / $47510 liters/ $237$60 saved per sump per shift ($21,900 saved per sump per year in a 24 x 7 operation)
Assumptions – target sump concentration of 5% and $4/liter for raw coolant concentrate.


Consult with our technical staff to learn now the Dazzle 1 System can save you time and money.  They can be reached at (440)528-0695.

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