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Intake Attachments for Zebra Coalescers, and Other Brands

Zebra Skimmers offers a wide range of intake attachments for the Z17 Coalescer, and other brands meeting the needs of any sump. Whether you’re dealing with limited access, large flux, or heavy chip load we stock the following attachments.

– Hammerhead™ (SKO3D12F)

– Recept™ (SKO7R1.2)

– Sumpster™ (SK10A7)

– Floating Sumpster
Plastic floats (SK10B2.3p)
Steel floats (SK10B2.3S)


Hammerhead™ removes tramp oils in hard-to-reach areas. The head floats on the surface allowing oil to flow into the openings. It fits into the tightest areas and can handle a very large flux. Not recommended for large fluid surface areas, heavy suspended chip loads, or with fluids where the introduction of air can be an issue. Now available with 6″ or 12″ corrugated hose.

Recept™ is the newest member of our intake attachment family. It’s capable of handling large flux with a greater capacity for suspended chips, and preventing the introduction of air into the pump. It fits into moderately tight areas, but is not recommended for large surface areas or in heated solutions

Sumpster™ handles heavier suspended chip loads and harsher fluid environments, such as heat or chemicals. Sumpster can be positioned on its rod or attached to the tank wall. It also minimizes the amount of air introduced into the suction line. Disadvantages are that its flux handling capability is roughly 3 inches. Recommended when there is good sump or tank access and low flux.

Floating Sumpster™ handles large fluid surface areas, large fluid flux, and even turbulence. This device has all the benefits of Sumpster technology, plus the ability to handle more extreme environments. Floating Sumpster can be configured to carry a submersible pump, reducing the need for an external pump, when fluid lift is not an issue. It can also be attached to an external air pump when greater power is essential.

Note when ordering with standard Muscle configurations, plastic floats are provided.

Dimensions 4.5" x 3.25" x 1.75" 3" x 4" x 4.5" 5" x 4.25" x 4.63" 13" x 11" x 7"
Flux in inches with submersible pump (external pump) 12 (24) 12 (24) 3 (3) 24 (36)
Floats on Surface Yes Yes No Yes
Chip Screen No Yes Yes Yes
Fluid Flow Specifications .5 - 1 gpm .5 - 1 gpm 1 -3 gpm 1-3 gpm
Construction PVC HDPE Galvanized Steel Steel body. Aluminum backbone. Plastic floats (standard). Stainless steel optional.
Fluid Temp Range: 40°-90°F 40°-90°F 40°-90°F 40°-90°F
Recommendations Very tight access areas. Large fluid flux. Not for straight water. Not for chip loads. Not for fluids tending to foam. Moderately tight access. Large fluid flux. Not for straight water. Moderately open access. Minimal fluid flux. Harsh environments Very open access. Maximum fluid flux. Can handle turbulence. Harsh environments.
Order for use with..
Sub./Centrifugal Pump # SK02D12F # SK07R1.2 # SK10A7 SK10B2.3S (SS floats) SK1010B2.3P (Plastic floats)
Ext./Diaphragm Pump: # SK02D24S # SKL7R1.2 # SK10A7 SK10B3.3S (SS floats) SK10B3.3P (Plastic floats)


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