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$689.00 | A compressed air system produces condensation, which is the moisture that drops out of a compressed air flow as it cools. This condensation will contain oil if the compressor uses lubrication in its compression chamber: these include oil-flooded rotary screw compressors and reciprocating compressors with lubricated cylinders. The F16AC Muscle Compressor Coalescer is the air compressor condensate management system needed to separate this oil from the condensate water – and the media never needs replacing (economical and green)! Never have a dirty air compressor again!

F16AC Air Compressor Condensate Oil Removal System

Product Number:

F16AC Air Compressor Condensate Oil Removal System

F16AC Air Compressor Condensate Oil Removal System

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The Muscle Compressor Coaleser that Reduces Waste by 95%

With our F16AC Muscle Compressor Coalescer, you can effectively separate oil from condensation water, ensuring a cleaner and efficient compressed air system. Economical and environmentally friendly, it offers a lifetime solution with its replaceable media.

Key Features:

  • Leak-Proof Design: Fittings are spin-welded for superior leak prevention.
  • Durable Translucent Barrel: Easily monitor the coalescing process and oil level.
  • Efficient Coalescing Media: Increases surface area for oils to effectively collect and separate.
  • Manual Oil Drain Spigot: Easily and safely dispose of separated oil.
  • Limited 90-Day Warranty: Our commitment to you, ensuring you receive a quality product.

Take control of your air compressor’s health and efficiency with the F16AC Muscle Compressor Coalescer. Experience the benefits of a clean, well-maintained compressed air system today.

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Unboxing & Installing the Zebra F16AC Coalescer | Eco-friendly Air Compressor Condensate Remediation

The F16AC Muscle Air Compressor Coalescer is robust and simple, yet designed for the unexpected and can become a vital part of your condensate maintenance program. It is an alternative to expensive separation systems and is suitable for almost any size compressor system. In most cases, this system will effectively separate your oily compressor condensate to comply with other environmental safety standards, such as ISO14001.

Lower Air Compressor Condensate Waste Costs up
to 98% Versus Hauling It Off Site oil gallon description

Dirty air compressor condensate is mostly water. Expect a 50:1 ratio, 50 parts water to 1 part oil (or just 1 gallon of oil in a 55 gallon drum of condensate).

Air systems can produce an enormous amount of condensate each day. A 100 HP compressor operating in a climate of 70°F with 80% humidity generates 2 gallons of condensate each hour.

Disposal companies charge between $150 to $250 to dispose of a 55 gallon drum of oily air compressor condensate.

The savings are considerable if you separate your condensate on site, paying only to dispose of the oil:

  • If you use the numbers above, a 100 HP compressor, operating 24 hours, will produce a minimum of 48 gallons of condensate a day and only 0.96 gallons of this is oil. It will take you 57 days to accumulate (1) 55 gallon drum of oil with a minimum disposal cost of $150.
  • In that same 57 days, without separation, you will accumulate almost (50) 55 gallon drums of condensate with a minimum disposal cost of $7,500. The Muscle saves you over $7,000 in disposal cost during 2 months of operating!

The Muscle Condensate Management System will minimize your air compressor condensate waste stream and treat it effectively to comply with EPA and local municipality regulations.


Providing world class customer service and technical support has been a benchmark of our reputation since our founding. We’re always here to help and can be reached at 440.528.0699.

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