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Coolant Proportioning Pump

Product Number: MIXPP518

Proportioning pump

Coolant Proportioning Pump

Product Number: MIXPP518

$2058 - $4189

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Water powered proportioning pumps can mix any coolant and pump the mixture almost any distance. When you need an accurate coolant proportion along with the ability to pump that fluid across your shop floor to the point of use, then you’re ready for the positive displacement proportional mixer capability of a Proportioning Pump. The coolant proportioning pump is a core component of the Dazzle™ 1 and Dazzle™ 2 systems.

  • Delivers fluid 25′ vertically and 800′ laterally
  • Choose from various flow rates; 7gpm/12gpm/25gpm
  • Choose from various concentration ranges; .06 to 35
  • Includes a clear 6′ plastic coolant intake hose, for drums and totes
  • Wall mount configuration available
  • For use with concentrates to 700 SUS viscosity
  • Requires incoming water supply pressure between 10-70 psi
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Water driven, non-electrical
  • Minimizes coolant waste
How the Proportioning Pump works


Your coolant is drawn in through the bottom port (A) and metered by the adjustable screw (B) for a constant amount of water being drawn in through the fitting (C) on the other side. The entire arm (D) moves back and forth so that your coolant is being injected into the water stream. The mixing occurs at the exit fitting (E), and proceeds to your coolant sump. You can watch what is being drawn in the clear coolant block, and you know the unit is working by the movement of the draw arm.

Model Part Number GPM Mix Range % Mix Ratio Low Mix Ratio High
Proportioner for Coolant MIXPP58 7 0.6-5.8 160:1 16:1 Call for quote
*MIXPP518 7 1.4-12.3 70:1 7:1 In Stock
*MIXPP520 7 1.6-13.5 60:1 6:1 In Stock
MIXPP532 7 2.4-20.0 40:1 4:1 Call for quote
MIXPP585 7 10.0-40.0 10:1 1.5:1 Call for quote
MIXPP547 7 3.2-26.8 30:1 3:1 Call for quote
MIXPP510-M 9.5 0.8-7.5 125:1 13:1 Call for quote
MIXPP562-M 12 1.6-13.5 60:1 6:1 Call for quote
MIXPP58.5-M 12 2.4-20.0 40:1 4:1 Call for quote
MIXPP565-M 12 4.7-33.0 20:1 2:1 Call for quote
MIXPP58-V 12 0.6-5.8 160:1 16:1 Call for quote
MIXPP520-V 25 1.6-13.5 60:1 6:1 Call for quote

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