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Revolutionize Your CNC Coolant Performance with Zebra Skimmers Fluid Management Solutions

Maintaining your CNC coolant at peak performance is easier than ever with our line of fluid management products. Zebra Skimmers is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of tools and equipment designed to enhance the longevity and efficiency of your coolant.

  • Hardness Testing Strips: Quick, reliable, and easy to use, our hardness testing strips help you monitor the hardness of your coolant, ensuring it’s within optimal parameters.
  • pH Test Strips: Maintain the balance of your coolant. Our pH test strips offer an immediate and accurate assessment of your coolant’s pH level, vital for preventing corrosion and ensuring optimum performance.
  • Coolant Odor Tablets: Bid goodbye to unpleasant odors in your coolant systems. Our coolant odor tablets tackle offensive smells, making your workspace more comfortable.
  • Oxygenator™ Aerators: Maximize the lifespan of your coolant. Our Oxygenator™ Aerators infuse oxygen into your coolant, improving its performance and reducing the growth of anaerobic bacteria.
  • Circulation Pump: Keep your coolant moving smoothly. Our high-performance circulation pump ensures that your coolant is evenly distributed, mitigating the risk of stagnant fluid and potential bacteria growth.
  • Long Reach Belt Skimmer: Deal with deep sumps with ease. Our long reach belt skimmer ensures effective oil skimming in sumps exceeding 24 inches.
  • Tramp Oil Belt Skimmer: Enhance the quality of your coolant. Our tramp oil belt skimmer efficiently removes unwanted oil, ensuring that your CNC coolant stays cleaner for longer.

At Zebra Skimmers, we are committed to helping you maintain a productive and efficient workspace. Optimize your CNC coolant performance with our comprehensive fluid management solutions.

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