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The Dazzle™ sump level controller is a programmable unit that maintains sump levels at optimal field defined set-points to within centimeters preventing overflows and putting an end to bucket brigades. If any existing proportioning pump, or any other style pump, is already in service a Dazzle Dipstick and the Dazzle Sump can be added to transform it into an automated system.

Dazzle Sump Level Controller

Product Number: DAZSUMP

The Dazzle Sump Level Controller

Dazzle Sump Level Controller

Product Number: DAZSUMP

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Dazzle™ Sump Controller: The Smart Solution for Preventing Overflows and Maintaining Optimal Sump Levels

Take full control of your machine sump levels with the Dazzle™ Sump Controller. This advanced system is the heart of the Dazzle™ Coolant Mixing Automation System and is designed to ensure you avoid accidents while maintaining optimal sump conditions.

Here’s what the Dazzle™ Sump Controller offers:

  • Programmable microprocessor controller featuring an easy-to-read LED display.
  • 100 dB audible alarm for immediate notifications.
  • Low-profile level sensor that seamlessly integrates into your operations.
  • Solenoid valve, 1/2″ NPT, with by-pass valves available for quick sump fills.
  • Electrical and control cables for hassle-free setup.
  • Versatile sizing options to fit all sumps.

The Dazzle™ sump level controller isn’t just a device – it’s a problem-solver. It keeps sump levels within precise field-defined set-points, preventing overflows and ending the need for bucket brigades. If you already have any existing proportioning pump or any other style pump in service, the Dazzle Dipstick and Dazzle Sump can be added to it, transforming your setup into a fully automated system.

Invest in the Dazzle™ Sump Controller and take a step towards more efficient and safer operations.

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