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$218.00 | The easiest way to start automatic mixing at your drum is using an economy mixer. Most effective for smaller shops where constant concentrations is required. Economy mixers allow for mixing and delivering metalworking fluids (coolant, cutting fluids).

Economy Mixer

Product Number: MIX05120

Economy Mixer

Economy Mixer

Product Number: MIX05120


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Experience Easy & Efficient Mixing with Our Economy Mixer

Introducing the simplest way to kickstart automatic mixing at your drum. The economy mixer – the perfect solution for smaller shops seeking constant, accurate concentrations. This handy tool not only mixes but also delivers metalworking fluids like coolant and cutting fluids directly to your work zone.

Please note, if your coolant leans on the thicker side (above 500 SUS), you might need to consider our machinist mixer for a better fit. Economy mixers WILL NOT work on anything about 500 SUS.

Why Our Economy Mixer is Your Go-To Tool:

  • 14 Metering Tips: Tailored to deliver specific ratios for precision every time.
  • Maximum Viscosity: Handles up to 500 SUS, making it ideal for a range of coolants.
  • Flow Rate: Operates at an impressive 4.8 gpm (18 lpm), for a quick mix and delivery.
  • 48” Intake Tube: Includes a check valve, making set up a breeze.
  • 48” Discharge Tube: Perfect for standard operations. If you need more length for longer delivery needs, consider our proportioning pump series.
  • Pressure Requirements: Functions effectively between 25psi and 75psi.
  • Compatibility: Fits effortlessly on 55-gallon barrels, saving you space and hassle.

Our economy mixer comes with a 30-day warranty. Because we’re confident in our product, and we want you to be, too.

Embrace automatic mixing, enhance productivity, and make your metalworking smoother and smarter with our economy mixer.

Product Videos

How to Install Your Zebra Skimmers Economy Mixer | Step-by-Step Guide

Economy mixers are ideal for mixing and delivering Metalworking fluids (Coolant, cutting Fluids). It is the easiest way to start automatic mixing at your drum and is most effective for smaller shops where constant concentrations is required.

Mix Range %*
Part Number GPM Low High Max Delivery Range psi In** Out
MIX05XMTK 4.8 .25 22.2 48" 25-75 3/4" GHT 1/2" NPT
MIX04XMTK Set of 14 metering tips ranging from 0.2 to 22.2% and color coded.
Mixer Notations: * Economy Mixer is supplied with 14 various size tips within above range, ** Connection fittings to water source not supplied.

Tip Colors and PSI Ratings

Tip Color Drill Size Ratio Approximate Concentration @ 40 psi
No tip 1:4.5 22.2%
Gray 30 1:5 20%
Black 40 1:6 16.7%
Beige 50 1:9 11.1%
Red 55 1:20 5%
White 57 1:24 4.2%
Blue 60 1:26 3.8%
Tan 65 1:31 3.2%
Green 70 1:50 2%
Orange 72 1:70 1.4%
Brown 74 1:90 1.1%
Yellow 76 1:100 1%
Purple 80 1:200 .5%
Pink 87 1:400 .25%

Coolants with SUS ratings greater than 500

In general, use a Proportioning Pump to mix coolants with viscosities greater than 500 SUS

Note: a shout out to the great folks at Qualichem for supplying this information! Click here if you are interested in stepping up to the industrial strength machinist mixer

Providing world class customer service and technical support has been a benchmark of our reputation since our founding. We’re always here to help and can be reached at 440.528.0699.

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