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$462 | The Zebra Style Haas Tube Oil Skimmer removes oil from the tightest places. This unit works with 55-gallon or 95-gallon coolant tanks.

Zebra Style Haas Tube Oil Skimmer

Product Number: HAASZVA1

Zebra Style Haas Tube Skimmer

Zebra Style Haas Tube Oil Skimmer

Product Number: HAASZVA1


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Efficiently Manage Your Coolant with the Zebra Style Haas Tube Oil Skimmer

Harness the power of our Zebra Style Haas CNC coolant tank oil skimmer and witness a substantial improvement in your machinery’s performance. Featuring a RoHS certified motor operating at 7 rpm and equipped with a generous 25 ft. extension cord, this unit is fully compatible with Haas machines possessing an external coolant tank capacity of 55 or 95 gallons.


  • Highly Efficient Oil Skimmer Cartridge: This cartridge, equivalent to the ones used in our renowned Zebra® Tube Skimmers, excels at efficiently removing oil from coolant, ensuring optimal machinery performance.
  • Clear Plastic Oil Container: This robust container provides a convenient way to capture and dispose of skimmed oil, enabling easy maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Reliable Clamp: Securely attach the skimmer to your machine with our sturdy clamp, designed for ease of use and robustness.
  • 14″ Industrial Grade Tubing: This high-quality tubing, identical to the ones utilized in our Zebra Sidewinder™ Tube Skimmers.

Say goodbye to excessive tramp oil and hello to a more productive machining environment with the Zebra Style Haas Tube Oil Skimmer.

Product Specifications

Skimmer Type: Tube Skimmer Skimming Capacity: 1 quart per hour
Reach: 14" Motor 60 Hz
Engine 7 rpm @ .11 HP Max Operating Temperature 30ºC / 90ºF
Tube Material Polyvinyl Industrial Grade Tubing Frequency / Voltage 60 Hz / 120 V
Manufactured Origin USA Warranty 90-days

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