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Enjoy Exceptional Value with Zebra Skimmers’ Exclusive Combo Specials

At Zebra Skimmers, we’re dedicated to providing you with premium, cost-effective solutions for your oil skimming needs. Our Combo Specials are unique packages combining our top-notch Belt or Tube Skimmers with essential accessories – all at exclusive discounted rates to end users.

Designed with your convenience in mind, these bundles help you swiftly set up your unit to start skimming oil, without the hassle of purchasing each product individually.

Key Benefits:

  • Exclusive Packages: Our Combo Specials are available solely on, giving you access to unique offerings not found elsewhere.
  • Exceptional Savings: Benefit from our generous discounts when you purchase these combination deals, instead of buying each product separately.
  • Efficient and Convenient: Our combos provide everything you need to get your skimming operations up and running quickly and effectively.
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