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belt skimmers Copyright Zebra Skimmers Corp. Zebra Tramp Oil Belt Skimmer

Simple, easy vertical access, rugged, reliable

  • Heavy-duty, steel construction
  • Removable collection tray
  • 1" and 2" wide models
  • Fixed lower pulley (on reaches to 24")
  • Hanging lower pulley (on reaches 36" and up)
  • Continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor
  • Dual wiper set with lifetime warranty
  • Two year all other parts (steel belts 30 days)

belt skimmer dimensions
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Belt Skimmer Frequently Asked Questions
Part Number Reach
BPF1-08 8"
BPF1-12 12"
BPF1-18 18"
BPF1-24 24"


  • Longer reach and wider belt skimmers are available, please call for quote.
  • Warranties: 2 year on polyvinyl belts (standard per part numbers above), 30 days on stainless belts
  • 220VAC (200-240VAC), 50/60 Hz models available by adding "E" to the end of the part number.

belt skimmerTestimonial - Belt Skimmers
"Attached is a photo of Zebra Skimmers from Tactair. It was relocated from the sump to the "Chip Blaster" sump and installed. The tramp oil was at least one inch deep. Zebra Skimmers and [our coolant], what a pair. What a great job it is doing. More orders coming!!" Tom Callendar, Outside Sales, KB Page Co. c/o Tactair Fluid Controls, Liverpool, NY, Dec 2010


Options & Accessories

belt skimmer accessories Diverter LockJaw Copyright Zebra Skimmers Corp.

Also available in 12/24 VDC versions by special request. These models can be directly powered and controlled by the backplane of your machining center.

Contact us directly for details at 888-249-4855.

Belt Skimmer Replacement Belts
Zebra Part Number Product Name
Poly Replacement Belt Skimmer Belts
BP-08 Standard Belt Poly 8” reach 1" x 24.75" OAL
BP-12 Standard Belt Poly 12” reach 1" x 32.75" OAL
BP-18 Standard Belt Poly 18” reach 1" x44.75" OAL
BP-24 Standard Belt Poly 24” reach 1" x56.75" OAL
BP-36 Standard Belt Poly 36” reach 1" x80.75" OAL
BP-48 Standard Belt Poly 48” reach 1"x104.75" OAL
BP-60 Standard Belt Poly 60" reach 1"x128.75" OAL
BP-72 Standard Belt Poly 72” reach 1"x152.75" OAL
BP-84 Standard Belt Poly 84” reach 1"x176.75" OAL
BP-96 Standard Belt Poly 96” reach 1"x200.75" OAL
Stainless Steel Replacement Belt Skimmer Belts
BS-08 Standard Belt Stainless Steel 8” reach 1" x 24.75" OAL
BS-12 Standard Belt Stainless Steel 12” reach 1" x 32" OAL
BS-18 Standard Belt Stainless Steel 18” reach 1" x 44.75" OAL
BS-24 Standard Belt Stainless Steel 24” reach 1" x 56.75" OAL
BS-36 Standard Belt Stainless Steel 36” reach 1" x 80.75" OAL
BS-48 Standard Belt Stainless Steel 48” reach 1" x 104.75" OAL
BS-60 Standard Belt Stainless Steel 60” reach 1" x 128.75" OAL
BS-96 Standard Belt Stainless Steel 96” reach 1" x 200.75" OAL
Cogged Poly Replacement Belt Skimmer Belts
BPLCW.3/8.010.00220 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 22" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.00270 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 27" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.00320 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 32" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.00360 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 36" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.00397 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 39.75" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.00480 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 48" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.00600 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 60" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.00650 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 65" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.00830 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 83" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.00945 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 94.5" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.01140 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 114" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.01560 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 156" OAL
BPLCW.3/8.010.02080 Cogged poly belt 3/8 pitch 1" x 208" OAL

Replacement Belts Copyright Zebra Skimmers Corp.


Competitor Oil Skimmer Replacement Belts

Zebra offers a full range of oil skimmer replacement belts that work on most belt oil skimmer models, including units manufactured by other vendors. Replacement belt types include cogged and flat polyurethane belts for coolant applications, flat stainless steel and rubber/nylon replacement belts (not shown) for harsh environments and PTFE coated stainless steel band sealer belts. All replacement belts are available in standard and custom widths, and fabricated to your required circumference. Contact us today for a quote.

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