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Tramp Oil Separator for Water-based Fluids – Zebra Z17 Coalescer

Muscle tramp oil separator The Z17 Coalescer and tramp oil separator is recommended for use on individual sumps, operating day and night. Tramp oil is removed and the sump circulates even if the machine's pump is off.

Sump circulation is key to preventing excessive bacterial growth. Bacteria will break down your coolant and create problems like those shown in the Coolant Troubleshooting Guide in Free Resources.

  • New, stronger coalescing tank
  • Patent-pending Flexor, the first ever internal surface skimmer:
    • Concentrates late-separating oil
    • Reduces surface-to-surface contact
    • Forms column of oil allowing for better oil-only discharge
    • Automatically aerates
    • Prevents bacterial growth
    • Cleaner fluid surface allows for chemical monitoring right from coalescing tank
  • Choose from four passive skimmers, or intake attachments
  • Advanced pump:
    • IMPROVED-FLOW submersible, centrifugal pump
  • NEW adjustable oil weir
  • NEW external solids filtration allows for easier maintenance:
    • 1 pint capacity, 170μ stainless steel standard
    • 1 quart capacity, 540μ stainless steel option (ordered separately)
  • Three flow restrictors included to balance the Z17 Coalescer to sump conditions
  • Permanent coalescing media accelerates oil collection
  • 10 minute hold time
  • Heavier-duty spin-welded fittings prevent cracking and leaks
  • Crush resistant hoses can be customized. 4 foot standard.
  • Clean coolant returned back to sump via gravity
  • Built-in siphon makes the coalescer easy to empty
  • Drum dolly allows easy movement between machine sumps (ordered separately)

How It Works

  1. Dirty coolant is pulled from your sump surface (using an intake attachment) into the coalescing tank.
  2. The external filter captures recirculating fines. Larger capacity filter options available.
  3. The oleophilic (oil-attracting) coalescing media gathers tiny oil droplets that are too tiny to rise to the surface on their own. The surface area of our media collects enough of them together, until they become large enough to float. Muscle will remove all oils that float our within 10 minutes.
  4. The Flexor surface skimmer concentrates late-separating oils, containing them within the central coalescing cylinder. The formed column of oil allows for best oil-only discharge via the external spigot. Flexor provides a cleaner fluid surface, and automatically aerates to further prevent bacterial growth.
  5. Clean coolant is returned from the bottom of the tank back to your sump via gravity.
  6. Optional drum dolly.

FAQ tramp oil coalescersTestimonial - Muscle
"We are currently changing filters about once a month. Our machines run about 50-60 hours a week. We are cutting mostly tool steel which is fairly clean. On a positive note, the air quality in our die shop has improved since we started using your products. The stench of spoiled coolant and tramp oil is no longer an issue. Thanks for your help." Greg Freeland, Programming Supervisor, Impact Forge, Remington, IN, Sep 2010

FZ17 how to specify

1) Select intake attachment
  Recept (R):
• Fits moderately tight areas
• Handles large fluid flux
• Moderate chip load
  Sumpster (S):
• Fits moderately tight areas
• Handles low fluid flux
• Moderate chip load
  Hammerhead (H):
• Fits tight areas
• Handles large fluid flux
• Low chip load
  Floating Sumpster (F):
• Fits open access areas
• Handles large flux/turbulence
• Moderate chip load
2) Power the system
  Centrifugal, 115v (1):
• Centrifugal, 115v
• Circulate coolant 24/7
  Centrifugal, 220v (2):
• Centrifugal, 220v
• Circulate coolant 24/7
3) Coalescer Accessories
  #FMXPFX001 - Large Capacity External Filter
#FMXTSF170 - 1 pint, 170μ reusable stainless filter sleeve
#FXDD15 - Drum Dolly
#SKF17-H020417 - Pump Discharge Hose
#SKF17-CO1121 - Coolant Return Hose



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