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Coolant Proportioning Pump

When you need an accurate coolant proportion along with the ability to pump that fluid across your shop floor to the point of use, then you're ready for the proportional mixer capability of a Proportioning Pump.

  • Delivers fluid 20' vertically and 800' laterally
  • Choose from various flow rates
  • Choose from various concentration ranges
  • Clear 6' plastic intake hose, for all containers, included
  • Wall mount configuration available
  • For use with concentrates to 700 SUS viscosity
  • 10-70 psi incoming water pressure

Learn about mixing metalworking fluids on our coolant mixology page.

Have multiple sumps? Thinking automation? Take a look at the Dazzle Automated Coolant Mixer System!

Recommended Accessories

water filter for proportioning pumpWater Filter 25 micron
Protects pump's intricate internal components from wear due to scale. (MIXPPX75)
water pressure limitrer for proportioning pumpWater Pressure Regulator
Protects pump components from damage due to excessive water pressure. (MIXXWL.1)
backflow checkvalve_for proportioning pumpBack flow Checkvalve
Protects pump from back pressure and fluid returning through the pump. (MIXPPXPRV.1)
tubulence tube for proportioning pumpTurbulence Tube
This accelerates the mixing of your coolant with water during transport, ensuring higher quality coolant at the machine. (MIXPPX021018)

Part Number Max. GPM Mix Range %
Mixing Ratios
MIXPP518 7 1.4 12.3 1:71 1:8

MIXPPXRK61V Rebuild Kit includes:

  • seals
  • springs
  • balls in the pump head
  • rear end bushing
  • outlet fitting parts

Proportioning Pump Service
Call TeamZebra at 888-249-4855 for details.

Notations - MIXPP proportional mixers all have 3/4 inch (NPT) inlets and outlets.
- PSI range for all MIXPP units is rated between 10 - 70 psi.
- Please contact us for a mixing range or flow capacity not shown here. All units can be mounted on a horizontal surface (default part numbers) or on a vertical surface like a wall (numbers have a -VM added to them.) For fluids that are thicker than 500 SUS inlet pressure should be reduced below 20 psi.


How It Works

The adjustable screw (A) is used for adjusting concentration output. The concentrate intake hose is connected to its intake port (B).

Incoming water (C, not shown) drives the actuating arm (D), suctions an exact amount of concentrate, mixing it with an exact amount of water.

No more hauling buckets across the shop floor. Positive displacement technology pushes mixed fluid as far as you want. You can deliver mixed fluid through plumbing (20' vertically and 800' laterally) throughout your facility with drops to your equipment.

Note: the position of the adjustable screw (A) helps determine the concentration value for any given setting. A refractometer MUST BE USED to check the actual concentraion. Readjust screw (A) as necessary.

NEW! Proportioning Pump Service

Call 888-249-4855 for details.

Testimonial - Proportioning Pump
Lloyd contacted Zebra for a solution to mix his water pulp solution in a paper preparation application. We provided him with a high volume Proportioning Pump to deliver the mixture through multiple sprayer lines through a manifold system. During our yearly customer feedback survey, he comments "Product works well, your engineering is rated a 5, and I will buy Zebra in the future."
L Harvey, Engineer, Albany Int'l, Cowansville, QU, Feb 2006

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