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Sidewinder® Tube Oil Skimmer

tramp oil tube skimmer  


  • NOW with integrated ON/OFF switch
  • NOW with 10 foot power cord
  • Compact and versatile design
  • Installs in seconds
  • Efficient and Low Maintenance
  • Skims hard-to-access or enclosed sumps
  • Rated at 1 quart per hour
  • Skims underneath conveyors
  • Skims across elongated surface areas
  • Skims oil spills
  • Industrial-grade oil pick up tubing
  • Ceramic scraper wipes tube clean
  • Ceramic scraper lasts forever
  • read moreWeighted tube keeps from walking
  • Reach from 8 inches to 8 feet
  • Large discharge port eliminates clogging
  • Continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor
  • The Sideways Skimmer™

* conditions apply, call for details

The Sideways Skimmer™ Skims from Anywhere

Sidewinder removes oil from the tightest places, even off the floor. It can snake around corners, enter through narrow slits, and be moved from machine to machine in a minute. Combined with our NEW LIFETIME WARRANTY* it's the best solution for your tramp oil problems. Test drive one today.

Flash News

The Ohio EPA suggests using oil skimmers to remove swarf and tramp oils from metal working sumps to inhibit bacterial growth. Additionaly part finishes will be enhanced, lubricity will be maintained and operator dermatitis minimized. Click to read the report.

Learn more about SUMP TRAMP OIL.

Call 888-249-4855 to find a qualified Zebra distributor in your area.

Part Number Rated Capacity Motor
ZVA8-08 1 liter / hour 100-120v, 60Hz, 28 rpm, 130W
ZVA8-08E 1 liter / hour 208/220/240v, 50 Hz, 23/28 rpm, 65W
ZVA8.2-08 250 ml / hour 110v, 60Hz, 7 rpm
ZVA8.4-08 1 liter / hour 100-120v, 60Hz, 28 rpm, 130W with integrated timer


  • All ZVA units with the -08 suffix have an 8 inch reach (discharge from mounting point to tube end). Longer reaches are also available up to 95 inches in 3 inch increments. ZVA requires access of 1/2 inch by 3 inches either horizontally or vertically. Maximum temperature for the tubing is ambient (no more than 90°F or 30°C).
  • 220v, 50 Hz European models available by adding "E" to the end of the part number (not for use in the United States)
  • Motor power requirements are very much dependent upon individual situations and can not be exactly determined. If this is information that is being used to set a limit for a fuse, then a professional fuse engineer should be consulted because there are many types to choose from.

Options & Accessories

ZVA8 accessories Diverter

spacer ZVA8 tube skimmer specs

Testimonial - Sidewinder
"I received the Sidewinder you recommended and attached it to my CNC and this thing works great. Thank you for your help and a fine product." Jeff Miller, Tool Room Manager, EMG, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA, May 2010 (ZVA8-08)

Replacement tube assembly only
Part Number Reach (inches)
ZT8-08 8
ZT8-11 11
ZT8-14 14
ZT8-17 17
ZT8-20 20
ZT8-23 23
ZT8-26 26
ZT8-29 29
ZT8-32 32
ZT8-35 35
ZT8-38 38
ZT8-41 41
ZT8-44 44
ZT8-47 47
ZT8-50 50
ZT8-53 53
ZT8-56 56
ZT8-59 59
ZT8-62 62
ZT8-65 65
ZT8-68 68
ZT8-71 71
ZT8-74 74
ZT8-77 77
ZT8-80 80
ZT8-83 83
ZT8-86 86
ZT8-89 89
ZT8-92 92
ZT8-95 95
ZT8-116 116
ZT8-165 165
ZT8-216 216

Replacement Tube & Gear Cartridge
Part Number Reach (inches)
ZXCART8-08 8
ZXCART8-11 11
ZXCART8-14 14
ZXCART8-17 17
ZXCART8-20 20
ZXCART8-23 23
ZXCART8-26 26
ZXCART8-29 29
ZXCART8-32 32
ZXCART8-35 35
ZXCART8-38 38
ZXCART8-41 41
ZXCART8-44 44
ZXCART8-47 47
ZXCART8-50 50
ZXCART8-53 53
ZXCART8-56 56
ZXCART8-59 59
ZXCART8-62 62
ZXCART8-65 65
ZXCART8-68 68
ZXCART8-71 71
ZXCART8-74 74
ZXCART8-77 77
ZXCART8-80 80
ZXCART8-83 83
ZXCART8-86 86
ZXCART8-89 89
ZXCART8-92 92
ZXCART8-95 95

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