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Do You Have A Specific Tramp Oil Skimming Challenge We Can Help Solve?

Zebra Skimmers ZZebra Skimmers began in a garage in 1994 making high-quality low-cost machines for metalworking fluids filtration. Customers encouraged us to grow beyond the conventional marketplace. With their help we created the gravity-separating disk skimmer and the Sidewinder tube skimmer.

Today we have customers across the globe. They trust in our products because we are innovative and cost effective. They return because of our history of performance, service, guarantees and providing high-quality built American-made products. Our products are all manufactured in our Solon, OH facility

Our mission has always been to provide the metalworking industry and other manufacturing industries with the oil skimmers and metalworking fluid management systems they need to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. Our innovative and affordable solutions have garnered us many accolades, but our continued growth is due to our excellent customer service, our satisfaction guarantees, and the performance of our tools on the shop floor.

Our product line:


We also have a robust distribution support system in our industry. Our distributors enjoy the full support of our factory. They know that our customers buy from them. This way, they have all our local support and service advantages.

Our extensive network of distributors nationwide ensures that technical factory expertise is just a phone call away. Moreover, it fosters a feeling of competence and assurance in our valued customers and trusted distributors.

Our customers include:

  • Automotive, medical, defense and aerospace metalworkers utilizing CNC machine tools and parts washers (through distribution)
  • Lights out metalworkers utilizing CNC machine tools
  • Environmental contractors to monitor ground water wells
  • Food producers

We appreciate our customers and thank you for the business over the years.

Expert Customers Agree

“I highly recommend distributors buying a skimmer for testing at customer sites. One test is worth a 1000 opinions.”


“The Zebra Skimmers remove way more lubes from our coolant which extended coolant life. Also, if our machines sit for any length of time, we leave the skimmers on a timer. so they run every so often. This greatly reduces any smell at machine startup time.”

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