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Take Control of Your Coolant Costs & Boost Productivity with Dazzle™ Products from Zebra Skimmers!

Are escalating coolant costs, disruptive spills, and draining productivity causing you sleepless nights? Enter Zebra Skimmers’ Dazzle™ Systems – your shortcut to seamless CNC Coolant Process Automation. Affordable, efficient, and revolutionary, these coolant automation systems are transforming the coolant management landscape in metalworking shops.

Wave goodbye to the hassles of bucket brigades, wasted coolant, and downtime. With the modular Dazzle™ 1 or the cutting-edge, Industry 4.0-compliant Dazzle™ 2, you can effortlessly fully automate your coolant mixing, concentration, delivery, and sump levels. Enjoy a shop-proven ROI within just 8 months, up to 80% in coolant savings, and a staggering 85% savings on tooling. (Based on data shared by CNC managers at an automotive plant in Michigan using the Dazzle™ 2 system.)

Need something in the middle? Consider the Dazzle 2.e Automated CNC Coolant Manager. Instead of a built-in process refractometer automatically monitoring your sumps, your team can easily use the app to manually enter your brix readings. Click here to learn more.

Intrigued? We’re confident enough in our CNC fluid automation solutions that we’re inviting you to a unique 30-day trial in 2023. Schedule your Single Sump 30-Day Trial today!

Please note that Dazzle™ 2 and Dazzle™ 2.e installations require our Zebra team to be on-site at your facility. We recommend scheduling your installation 90 to 120 days in advance.

Call the Zebra Dazzle team for details – (440)528-0695 or use this form to contact us.

Comparison of Benefits Across Dazzle™ Systems

Dazzle™ Systems Benefits Dazzle™ 1 Dazzle™ 2.e Dazzle™ 2
Reduce coolant usuage
Precision coolant mixing
Sump Level Management
Manages pit sumps
Manages machine center sumps
Refractometer based coolant concentration management
Remote management
Data capture & analytics
Compatible with lights out manufacturing
Sump management application
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